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  • National Organization for Women -

    Support NOW with your purchase of print-to-order NOW products! You can also support NOW by shopping at Amazon! Take Action 05.15.2014 Stop the Return of the Abortion Ban ›› 04.11.2014 It begins… ›› 04.07.2014 Its about Fairness ›› View more actions ...

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    http://now.org/ For regular meetings watch this page or your email We will have a prize for the members ... Florida NOW stands by its opposition on the basis that this was an unnecessary bill and opens the door to subjective interpretation that could be

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  • Florida NOW index

    Join Florida NOW Become an Active Member in the Foremost Women's Rights Organization in the State. Help Us Fight for You! ... Website event http://www.georgianow.org/ai1ec_event/2014-southeast-regional-now-conferece/?instance_id=5 Closest Marta ...

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  • Florida NOW contact

    Contact Us FLORIDA NOW OFFICERS: Donna Slutiak - President - president@flnow.org Meredith Ockman - VP - vp@flnow.org Natalie Andre - Treasurer - treasurer@flnow.org Bonni Axler - Secretary - secretary@flnow.org Lisa Labbe ...

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  • Florida NOW Takes Action for Pro-Choice License Plates

    NOW newspaper article, Florida NOW Takes Action for Pro-Choice License Plates Share/Save Send Print Shop Amazon ... Information can be found at www.licensetochoose.org. This campaign will run through Sept. 1, 2006, after which three finalists will have ...

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    Now he has his sights set on Florida. California's Proposition 209 instantly reduced minority student enrollment in California¹s public university system, and Washington's I-200 misled people by casting affirmative action exclusively in racial terms. ...

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  • Florida - Accident Attorneys Now

    Are you seeking legal counsel from a first-rate accident attorney in Florida? If so, you have come to the right place. By browsing through our website, AccidentAttorneysNow.org, you will grant yourself access to not only the best accident attorneys in the state, but ...

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  • FL State Courts

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  • Florida DUI Lawyers and DUI Attorneys

    Florida Click your county to be connected with a local attorney Click Here for the Fort Myers DUI Lawyer Getting a DUI in Florida Getting charged Florida Click your county to be connected with a local attorney Click Here for the Fort Myers DUI Lawyer Getting a ...

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  • Health Care For Florida Now

    Sign the petition to Florida's legislators today and urge them to extend Medicaid to a million hard working Florida families who need access to quality health care. See Your County』s Uninsured And Those In The Coverage Gap ...

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